Thunder Road Vendetta

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Turn Summary

Start of Round - The First player rolls the road die. All players roll all of their action die. On the first round, all players roll their action die. Lowest roll is the first player, and rolls the road die. Turn Order and Actions

Turn Order:

  1. ASSIGN one die to an operable car.
    • If you do not have any available cars, assign an unused movement die to the coast space on one of your operable cars that you previously moved. (up to 2x per round)
  2. Activate a COMMAND (once per round).
    • Airstrike. Place your chopper on any empty space on the board (a space with no obstacles). The value of the movement die doesn’t matter.
    • Nitro. Increase the number of moves your car makes this turn by the value of the die you’ve assigned to Nitro. This may result in movement higher than 6. You must move the full amount
    • Drift. This turn, your car may pass through the first space it enters that contains another road vehicle, without slamming it. If you end your turn in a space with a road vehicle, you still slam it, even if it is your first slam.
    • Repair. Remove one damage token from any of your cars and shuffle it face down back into the damage token pile. That car becomes operable if it was inoperable (and may move later this round if you have any turns remaining).
  3. MOVE that car.
    • Move the car you assigned your movement die, moving the value of the movement die.
    • A car must move the full amount.
    • A car loses its remaining move when it takes damage.
    • A car loses its remaining move when it initiates a slam.
    • If all movement was on road you may add the road die to your movement. If you do you must use the full amount.
    • Muddy spaces cost 2 moves, though you may move into one if you only have 1 move left.
  4. SHOOT with that car (if you can).

Play passes to the next player, until all die have been assigned.
The road die is then passed to the next player, and a new round begins.


  • Road. The token becomes a road space and stays on the board.
  • Mud. The token becomes a muddy space and stays on the board.
  • Oil slick. Roll the Direction die, and move your vehicle one space in that direction. This does not cost a move. The token stays on the board.
  • Mine. The road vehicle takes a Damage token, resolving the token’s effect. The vehicle loses any remaining movement.
  • Wreck. Place a Wreck marker on the board, and the moving road vehicle on top of it. Resolve a Slam.

Resolving Slams

To resolve a Slam, the following steps occur:
  1. Roll the Slam die and the Direction die. These will tell you whether the top or bottom vehicle will be the one moving and in what direction.
  2. If one vehicle is larger than the other, the owner of the larger vehicle may ask for a single re-roll of both dice.
  3. Move the affected vehicle one space in the direction shown on the Direction die. This may result in another Slam.

If a vehicle is moved into an Impassable space or off the road as the result of a Slam, then it is eliminated.