Heat: Pedal to the Metal

Randomize Setup

Turn Summary

Turn Order and Actions
  1. All players simultaneously select a Gear
    • Shifting up or down 2 gears costs 1 heat
  2. All players (face down) Play a number of cards equal to the gear they're in.

    The Following steps occur in player order based on who's leading, to the last place car.

  3. MOVE your car the number of spaces matching the total speed of all your cards.
    • If you played any stress cards resolve them now by flipping up cards from your draw pile until you get a speed card.
    • You must move the full amount.
  4. If you started this turn in last, you MAY
    • Increase your speed by 1 (move one extra space)
    • Cool Down one heat from your hand, returning it to your engine
  5. You may:
    • Cool down one if you are in 2nd gear
    • Cool down three if you are in 1st gear
    • Boost by paying one heat (move the heat from your engine to the discard, draw from your draw pile until you reveal a speed card. Move that amount and add it to your total speed.
  6. If you are now beside or behind a car you may slipstream ahead by 2 (plus any modifiers).
    • This does NOT increase your total speed.
    • You can not slipstream across or after the finish line.
  7. Compare your total speed from steps 3, 4 and 5 to the corner speed.
    • If your total is more than the corner speed, pay that amount in heat by moving it from your engine to the discard pile.
    • If you don't have enough heat, see Spinning Out, below
    • If this is a press corner:
      • Gain a sponsor card if you exceeded the corner speed by 2
      • Gain a sponsor card if you used slipstream to cross the corner line
      • (Take a max of one sponsor cards per corner)
  8. Optionally discard cards from your hand
    • You can not discard heat, stress, or any card with the "no discard" icon
  9. Draw back up to 7 cards

Play passes to the next player.
When all players have moved, a new round begins.

Spinning Out

  • Move your car back to the first available space before the corner that caused you to spin.
  • Take 1 extra stress into your hand if you'rs in 1st or 2nd gear.
  • Take 2 extra stress into your hand if you'rs in 3rd or 4th gear.
  • Move your gear pawn to 1st gear.


  • If a legend has crossed the legends line (their car is between the legend line and the next corner):
    • Move their car forward the upcoming corner limit + the number in the diamond above the helmet of their color.
    • Modifiers to corner speed limit DO apply to legends
  • If they have NOT crossed the legends line
    • If they can move at their top speed WITHOUT clearing the corner, do so.
    • Otherwise: Move to the space whose number matches the diamond above the helmet of their color.

  • Legends never slipstream, use heat, or cool down.
  • Legends count when determining adreneline (who's in last/next to last) but do not benefit from it
  • When the legends deck is empty, shuffle it to form a new deck